Convoy J900

  • Extra-long barrel caulk gun Convoy J900
  • Powerful Twin Thrust System
  • 360° rotating handle
  • Auto-Flow-Stop
  • For 900ml barrels
  • Gear transmission ratio 7:1

Extra-long barrel caulk gun for large size tubes that features a powerful Twin Thurst dispensing system, Auto Flow Stop and a 360 degree rotating handle.

Product CNVJ900/YEUSA
EAN 4929065911
Packing Unit 4 pcs. per sub-packaging, 16 pcs. per carton

Twin Thrust System

4 edges of valve plates strengthen the thrust force on the plunger. It helps to use hard materials with ease.


AFS-SystemAuto Flow Stop System
Plunger goes back a few millimeters after every push to stop the flow efficiently and quickly.


360 Grad Rotating Handle360° Rotating Handle
For maneuvering in and around tight spaces.

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