Convoy RS

  • Caulk gun Convoy RS
  • Switchable thrust force
  • Extra-long barrel
  • 360° rotating handle
  • Extra-long seal puncture pin
  • For 310ml barrels
  • Gear transmission ratio 8:1 up to 16:1

Switchable thurst force caulk gun with extra-long barrels, 360 degree rotating handles and extra-long seal puncture pins. For dispensing thick, viscous materials.

Product CNV100RS/B1
EAN 4975364168559
Packing Unit 6 pcs. per sub-packaging, 24 pcs. per carton

DPDual Power

For hard materials, pull down the lever, for soft materials, push up the lever. By pulling down the lever, thrust force increases about 40%.


SSTEnhanced SST

By increasing 20% of contact surface between plunger and valve plate, the thrust force is transmitted to the plunger without reduction. This results in higher durability.


360 Grad Rotating Handle360° Rotating Handle

For maneuvering in and around tight spaces.

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Convoy RS Video.