Mesauring Tape Features

Steel tape measurement accuracy

The measurement accuracy shows the tolerances of the steel tapes. Class I measuring tapes have the highest accuracy and the lowest tolerances. The following table shows the tolerances of our Class I and Class II measuring steel tapes.






Class I (mm)

+/- 0,3

+/- 0,4 +/- 0,6 +/- 0,9

+/- 1,1

Class II (mm)

+/- 0,7

+/- 0,9 +/- 1,3 +/- 1,9

+/- 2,3



Superior Tape Coating

The innovative tape coating provides advanced protection against abrasion, 2 times greater than standard tape coatings. The following pictures showing an abrasive-wear simulation. Tajima’s tape coating maintain a higher abrasive-wear than other measuring tapes.

Tape condition after abrasive-wear simulation

Tajima’s measuring tape

Comparative measuring tape I

Comparative measuring tape II



Premium Features

The Premium Features are the unique 4-Rivet attachment and the reliable self-adjustment. The freely moving end hook ensures consistently accurate inside and outside measurements.