Scrape-Rite Multi-Tool Blade

  • Scrape Rite Multi-Tool Blade SCR-M75
  • Eyelet for nail and brad removal
  • Curved edge for pipes and round surfaces
  • Blade width: 75 mm

Scrape-Rite Solid Core is formed from one continuos piece of premium stainless steel and capped with a wiede striking head. Hammer impact to the head is conveyed directly to the blade resulting in faster, more efficient performance and exceptional control.


Stronger Blade
Extra-thick 1,8 mm stainless steel blades are hear treated and hardened for superior strenght and dependable performance.


Superior Grip
Hardened resin handles are impact-resistant and ergonomically designed to provide exceptional comfort and positive, non-slip control.


Extra-wide Striking Head
Thick stainless steel striking heads are extremly durable and offer a large target area for safer and easier hammering applications.

Product SCR-M75/Y1
EAN 4975364018021
Packing Unit 12 pcs. per sub-packaging, 96 pcs. per carton
Blade Width 75 mm

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