• Cutter knife with 10 extra strong 22 mm cutter blades and AutoLock mechanism.
  • Unique cutter knife handle for 2-hand operation. Non-slip elastomer handle.
  • Practical size for use with both hands and for the tool bag.
  • Ultra-hard coated blade guide 3.5 times stronger than standard models.

Stong-J Long Cutter with long grip of about 180 mm and highly reliable AutoLock mechanism provides space for both hands for enhanced cutting speed and power transmission.

Article DC680-Y1-10
EAN 4975364112736
Packing Unit 6 pcs. per sub-packaging, 24 pcs. per carton
  • Handle length of 180 mm provides space for both hands.
  • AutoLock mechanism that holds 25kg of locking force for extreme cutting.
  • 1.0mm thick tempered stainless steel blade sleeve offers outstanding blade durability.
  • New blade sleeve design supports the edge of the blade, prevents blade breakage.Snap-off line pitch is 1.0mm.
  • Sturdy 22 mm wide and 0.65 mm thick ENDURA blades made of SK-120 premium steel opens up new fields of application.

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DC680 Video

Dimensions 1.8 cm